Grand Petroleum is among the world's leading independent energy trading companies, with consolidated experience in Trading, Fueling and Aviation trip support services. Since our launch in 2008, we have become one of the most active aviation fuel service providers worldwide and are constantly evolving in order to meet new challenges while developing our personnel to ensure a competitive edge.


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Grand Petroleum Fuels provides fuel and flight services to commercial, military and general aviation operators from 8 offices around around the world. The Grand Petroleum Carnet Fuel Card provides an alternative to pre-releasing fuel for our clientele and allows the card holder to move freely across our network.Contact us to connect with a supply manager to negotiate an agreement that fits your business.

Adoption and Processing Procedure

Accepting the Grand Petroleum Carnet Card is easy and a great way to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenues and improve efficiency. Suppliers can choose to accept the card through integrations with operating software, Grand Petroleum point of sale web portal, or by simply recording the 16 digit account number on the delivery ticket.Grand Petroleum will always accept the charges when the card is presented so long as the card number is recorded and the expiration date on the card is valid.

Supplier Benefits

  • Attract traffic from a growing pool of cardholders
  • Offer customers the convenience of paying with Grand Petroleum
  • Guaranteed and quick payment on all transactions backed by Associated Energy Group, LLC
  • Cobranding available
  • Inclusion in fuel price listings provided on the Grand Petroleum website customer portal
  • Quick EFT and direct debit payments to suppliers
  • No credit card processing fees
  • 24/7 – 365 support available
  • Dedicated fuel sales and marketing with global presence