Grand Petroleum is among the world's leading independent energy trading companies, with consolidated experience in Trading, Fueling and Aviation trip support services. Since our launch in 2008, we have become one of the most active aviation fuel service providers worldwide and are constantly evolving in order to meet new challenges while developing our personnel to ensure a competitive edge.


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Trip Support & Flight Planning

Grand Petroleum provides International trip support services to commercial, military and business aviation operators, adding value every step of the way by leveraging our network to create a seamless travel experience for our customers.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our expert flight planning team provides on-demand access to a prescreened and proven network of FBOs and local agents for the coordination of end-to-end trip support services.

Grand Petroleum trip support delivers personalized and successful trip experiences, including ground handling, flight planning, overflight permits, crew accommodation, road transport, catering, and VIP service packages at an affordable cost.

From small private carriers to large International airlines, Grand Petroleum personalizes flight planning to fit individual aircraft performance parameters and departure preferences with timely and cost-effective trip support services.