Grand Petroleum is among the world's leading independent energy trading companies, with consolidated experience in Trading, Fueling and Aviation trip support services. Since our launch in 2008, we have become one of the most active aviation fuel service providers worldwide and are constantly evolving in order to meet new challenges while developing our personnel to ensure a competitive edge.


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Our Mission


To build a strong working environmental equipped with well trained and highly motivated individuals specifically for providing customer satisfaction through maintaining healthy business relations. We strive to be the best in what we do by providing attentive support and competitive pricing for every service we offer.

Our Vision


As our business grows, we intend to continue providing both value for money and an exceptionally high level of service and accountability. We will ensure our current customers continue to be impressed with our services and the quality we can bring to their operations. It is also our intention to further become a household name in the aviation industry. Our reputation, our team, and our service delivery standards will allow us to continue to grow our customer base.

Ethics & Compliance


We are committed to doing the right thing. We communicate this commitment to our customers, business partners, investors, and communities by acting with honesty in all that we do.

Our Culture


Embrace sustainable, responsible growth while expanding in capabilities and footprint. Maintain our entrepreneurial vision. Be committed to delivering value with integrity and ethics to our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Our History


Grand Petroleum grew into a leading global energy company from several distinct origins, and its evolution continues into the present day.

Investor Relations


Grand Petroleum is a global energy industry leader. Our global team of local professionals delivers innovative products and services at more than 8,000 global locations.